ABOUT US Xirea Apparel was created to serve independent
clothing brands, organisations such as the Military,
Oil and Gas companies and E-commerce retailers by
satisfying their garment sourcing and production
Our Vision is to become the premier garment factory in Africa, building new factories across the country while training
and employing more than 50,000 Nigerians by 2030.

We have a focus on Africa.
Helping companies access
world class quality garments, locally.


We grow your business .

We handle the whole supply chain process
from designing, creating tech packs,
sourcing for fabrics and trims, create
samples, bulk apparel production, packaging,
quality control assessments to arranging
delivery of the products.

We believe
Women’s Development
is a tool for economic
and nation building.

We strive to empower socially and
economically disadvantaged women. XIREA
Apparel™, has since 2018 trained over 300
women in apparel design and production.

These women are employed and provided
with free training on the different steps of
apparel production as well as business and
other related skills in preparation for
employment and entrepreneurship, and we
ensure they are fairly compensated.

Working part of modern electric sewing machine

Partnerships that
indeed work.

Above all, at Xirea, we look at each project as
a partnership where quality and the desire
for seeing creative ideas come to life are
the most important

We are proudly

Driving our mission of utilising the vast
human resources available in Nigeria to
develop the garment industry and help
reduce unemployment.

Additionally, through our design driven
culture, drive and the expertise of each
individual employee, we are uniquely
positioned to provide best-in-class services to
a global customer base.

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